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Cap left.png Wisdom of the Ages Cap right.png
Wisdom of the ages.png
Ebonheart Pact
Quest giver
Treeminder Xohaneel
Journal region
Hist Bark Hide

572 Gold.png

Required level
Quest objectives


An ancient Argonian settlement called Haj Uxith occupies a dark corner of Coldharbour. The Argonians want to help me in my quest, but they seem to be divided over something related to their Hist tree.

Go to Haj Uxith
I have agreed to go to Haj Uxith and find out more about the troubles plaguing the city. Treeminder Xohaneel will follow me there.

Listen to Xohaneel and An-Jeen-Sakka
When we reached the central plaza, Xohaneel was confronted by another Argonian. I should listen to their conversation.

Enter Sap Collection Facility
The Trial of Body requires that I enter the north pyramid and find the Dremora who collect and process the sap that comes from the Hist tree.

Overheat the Sap Vats
I entered the Hist sap chamber beneath the north pyramid. Now I need to use the treated wood to overheat the vats.

Exit the Facility
I completed the task that An-Jeen-Sakka put before me. Now I should leave the pyramid and return to him.

Give Amulets to Ashgar, Teelawei and Desh-Wazei
I am working to complete The Trial of Spirit. I have three amulets that each represent one of the spiritual virtues of the Argonians of Haj Uxith. I need to find the people on the south pyramid who embody these virtues.

Talk to Xohaneel
I completed the Trial of Spirit. I should return to Treeminder Xohaneel and let her know about my success.

Agree with the Scholars or the Warriors
Now Xohaneel and An-Jeen-Sakka want me to settle their debate. If I side with the scholars, we will end the Hist's suffering and they will join my cause. If I side with the warriors, the Hist will live and they'll fight with me against Molag Bal.

Destroy the Vampiric Shard
I convinced the warriors that my decision was the correct one. Now I can destroy the vampiric shard and end this age-old debate.

— game journal