Valley of the Blades

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Cap left.png Valley of the Blades Cap right.png
Quest giver
The Prophet
Journal region
Main Story
Sword Saint's Choker

486 Gold.png

Required level
Quest objectives


Varen has asked me to accompany Sai Sahan on a trip back to his ancestral home. And old friend, Kasura, may have knowledge of how to sneak into Sancre Tor.

Talk to Sai Sahan
Sai Sahan plans to travel to the Valley of the Blades to seek an old friend's knowledge of Sancre Tor. I should talk to him before we leave.

Travel to the Valley of the Blades
The portal has opened and Sai Sahan is ready to travel to the Valley of Blades. I should enter the portal to begin the journey.

Find Kasura
The abbey is burning and Sai Sahan has run ahead to search for Kasura. I should follow and help find Kasura.

Listen to Kasura
Kasura has been injured. I should listen to what she knows about the attack.

Destroy Sigils: 0/3
Kasura has been injured and the town is still threatened by several Daedric Sigils. I should destroy the Sigils to hopefully prevent further attacks.

Defeat the Titan
A Daedric Titan attacked the Abbey of Blades and killed many of Kasura's students. I must destroy the Titan.

Enter the Ancestral Crypt
Under the protection of Kasura, the Ring of Stendarr's Mercy has remained hidden in the nearby crypt. I should find the hidden entrance to the Ancestral Crypt atop the nearby steps.

Find the Ring of Stendarr's Mercy
The Ring of Stendarr's Merc should be in a chest at the far end of the Ancestral Crypt. I should find the chest and take the ring.

Give the Ring of Stendarr's Mercy to Varen
I've returned to the Harborage. I should give the Ring to Varen and tell him what happened in the Valley of Blades.

— game journal


The Titan (a kind of dragon) can be a fearsome enemy, players either should cooperate to beat the creature or have enough potions in the satchel. The companions are also helpful in distracting the beast, but hardly make damage, so players should use their mightiest skills and attack when ever there is a possiblity for. The Titan sometimes will breath blue fire, which drains energy. If possible, the player should jump or outrun the life consuming energy.