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Unaccounted Crew.png
Aldmeri Dominion
Quest giver
Captain Erronfaire
Journal region
Vulkhel Guard
Maormer Invasion Camp
Sailor's Hatchet
86 Gold.png
Required level
Quest objectives


Dialogue with Captain Erronfaire

What do you want? Wait, nevermind. I don't want to know. I'm not taking on any fares today.

Something wrong, Captain?
You're damned right there's something wrong! I needed to sail for Velyn Harbor hours ago. I've got cargo still to load, and crew members deep in their cups around town.
I'd let the guard have the lot of them, if I could afford it.
I could round them up for you?
There's coin in it for you if you do! Let's see, Tanamo favors the tavern, Anala spars at the Fighters Guild, and Balithil visits the market.
Don't know where Degail's gotten to. One of the others may know where she is.
Sounds good. I'll find them for you.

Captain Erronfaire is desperate to leave port, but she's lost track of some of her crew. She needs them found so she can set sail for Velyn Harbor.
I've volunteered to help find the crew. She said Tanamo favors the tavern, Anala may be at the Fighters Guild, and Balithil is somewhere in the marketplace.

Once I speak to them, I should see if they know where Degail is.

  • Find Captain Erronfaire's Crew: x/3

— game journal

Dialogue with Captain Erronfaire while locating the three crew members

Such a worthless crew. I'll find more reliable rats in Velyn's worst bars!


Dialogue with Tanamo

Do I know you? You look familiar. Could just be the spiced wine talking.

Captain Erronfaire sent me, she needs you back at the boat.
Who? I don't know any Captain Fairies. And I sure don't know anything about a goat.
Leave me be, all four of you.
No, Captain Erronfaire. The Wave Cutter. Your ship?
Oh! The Captain! The Scourge of the Sun! Destroyer of happiness and joy! Fine, fine! I'll be on my way.
——If Tanamo is the last of the three crew members spoken to.
Would you tell Degail for me, though? She said she'd meet me here. When she got back.
Where can I find Degail?
Ha! Her and Anala got into a fight. About? About Maormer scouts. Yes! That was it. Rumors of maormer scouts near the Guard.
Degail went down the shore to prove Anala wrong. I'm sure she's just sitting out there with a bottle.
——If Tanamo is not the last of the three crew members spoken to.
After one more spiced wine, of course.
I'll let her know.

Dialogue with Anala

Yes? Speak, and make it quick. This one is short on time.

Erronfaire needs you back at the docks. Now.
Of course she does. This one can read the skies as well as the Captain. But Anala will be staying right here.
For now, at least.
Why? She seemed pretty upset.
There are rumors of Maormer about. Anala will have none of this. This one stays in the safety of the Guard, until the coast is clear.
——If Anala is the last of the three crew members spoken to.
Especially after what happened to Degail.
What happened to Degail?
Degail didn't believe the rumors. She went for a walk along the southwest shore and never returned.
You are so much braver than Anala, You should look for Degail! Yes, look for Degail, Anala will remain here.
——If Anala is not the last of the three crew members spoken to.
If that's your decision, I'll tell the Captain.

Dialogue with Balithil

What? What is it? My guts, still roiling. Damn the sea, and that Captain!

Captain Erronfaire sent me to find you, she needs you back on the Wave Cutter.
Ah, yes. No, No, I don't think so. Once was enough for me.
These legs were made for the land, and that's where they'll stay.
Why? What happened?
Sea sickness. My guts are over there in the corner. If you want to examine the aftermath.
——If Balithil is the last of the three crew members spoken to.
Oh, I wish I'd listened to Degail. Such a smart girl.
Do you know whereI can find Degail?
Last I heard, she went down the shore. I didn't want to get involved, but she and Anala got into it over some rumors.
Anala claimed thet Maormer scouts were spotted nearby. And Degail didn't believe her at all.
——If Balithil is not the last of the three crew members spoken to.
Me, I'll be huddled here on this bed for a good long time.
Fine, fine. I'll tell the Captain.


I received a tip that Degail could be found near the western shore. I'll look for her there.

  • Find Degail

— game journal

Dialogue with Captain Erronfaire having located the three crew members

At this point some of them will just get clapped in irons when they get back. Every minute slumming around in Vulkhel Guard is three gold off their pay!
Some of them owe me money now!


Dialogue with Balithil

You. You're not one of them? Quickly, get me out of here!

I've been looking for you. Are you all right?
I didn't see them until I was almost on top of them. Their ships are all along the western shore! I'm sorry!
Let me untie you, and we'll both get out of here.

Degail: Thank you!


In rescuing a crew member for the Captain, I've stumbled on a push by Maormer troops! But at least I've checked in with the whole crew. Time to return to the Captain.

  • Return to the Captain

— game journal

Dialogue with Captain Erronfaire

Well. At least Tanamo is back. Good, reliable Tanamo.
Where are the rest of them?

Erm, about the rest of the crew.
Oh, this should be good. What?
Balthil says he'll never go to sea again. Sea sickness.
Sea sickness? The biggest swells we hit wouldn't have made my old mother queasy. And half the trip he spent in the cabins, swilling that awful meat brew Bosmer love.
Stars above! What about Anala?
Anala's too afraid of the Maormer to go to sea again anytime soon.
Maormer? What kind of phantom fear is that? I expected better of Anala, the Maormer are no threat to Vulkhel Guard.
Actually, the Maormer are moving on Auridon. Degali was captured walking the shore.
Well. Auri-El strike me blind. I'd better be getting out of here, then. If we don't move quickly, they'll lock down the port.
Your crew's accounted for then?
Yes, yes. That's all of them. Now, let's see. If I toss Tanamo into a cabin and set sail today I should just make Velyn ahead of the news.
Complete Quest.
Never mind.