The Venom of Ahknara

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Suspicious Silence
Ebonheart Pact
Quest giver
Captain Llaari
Journal region
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Required level
Quest objectives

After the tragic death of Captain Hjolm in the previous quest Suspicious Silence, the player must meet Captain Llaari who is commanding the Fort Arand troops.


Covenant troops have killed Captain Hjolm of Fort Arand, and they're threatening the safety of the recruits within the fort. Captain Llaari hatched a plan to respond the threat.

Get Blinding Light Flasks:

Captain Llaari's plan revolves around some alchemical weapons. I should get some flasks of blinding light from the second floor of the command post.

Find an Kill Assassins:

Captain Llaari thinks the Covenant assassins will be lurking near the walls of the fort. I should use the flasks of blinding light until I uncover the infiltrators. Then I must kill them.
HINT: I should look for the assassins near slain Pact soldiers.

Investigate the Eastern Tower:

I've slain a number of assassins within the walls of Fort Arand. Llaari asked me to speak with Strikes-from-Shadows about the next step for repelling the Covenant. Strikes-from-Shadows should be waiting at the tower on the eastern side of the fort.

Use the Trap Door:

I've found some dead troops inside the tower on the fort's eastern side. There was a fight between Pact and Covenant forces. Strikes-from-Shadows might have used the trapdoor in the room to escape. I should climb down and look for him.

Talk to Strikes-from-Shadows:

I found Strikes-from-Shadows. I need to speak with him.

Activate the floor plates:

Covenant soldiers plan to attack the fort from below. I must seal them down here by activating several floor plates. That will create a magical barrier. Strikes-from-Shadows asked me to activate three plates befroe meeting him in the last chamber.

Kill Ahknara:

I have one last plate to activate. Strikes-from-Shadows asked me to slay Ahknara. He'll activate the last plate as he exits behind me. Ahknara is waiting outside the door behind Strikes-from-Shadows.

Use the Trap Door:

I've killed Ahknara. I should enter the trapdoor and return to Fort Arand.

Talk to Captain Llaari:

I must tell Captain Llaari of Ahknara's demise.

— game journal

NPCs linked with this Quest

  • Captain Llaari
  • Strikes-from-Shadows


This quest is part of the Fort Arand Objective.

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