The Fangs of Sithis

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Ebonheart Pact
Quest giver
Journal region
216 Gold.png
Required level
Quest objectives

The artifacts buried beneath Sunscale Strand are dangerous. Looks-Under-Rocks warns that we may have trouble with them. I need to be careful when searching the ruins.

Talk to Barvyn
Looks-Under-Rocks put together the three puzzle stones to form a Hist key. We can use it to get inside the Xanmeer. Barvyn is waiting to help beside the locked entrance to the stone pyramid.

Talk to Looks-Under-Rocks
Barvyn didn't heed his parter's warning. He unsealed the Xanmeer and went in. I hope Looks-Under-Rocks can tell me more about what's hidden in these ruins.

Use Ancient Door to Enter Ruins
The Hist key unsealed the door, which means I can enter the ruins. I must stop Barvyn and recover the Fangs of Sithis.

Stop Barvyn
The ancient traps and deadly guardians of this underground ruin are dangerous. Barvyn is just as deadly. I must keep him from recovering the Fangs of Sithis.

— game journal

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