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|faction = Daggerfall Covenant
|faction = Daggerfall Covenant
|giver =
|giver =
|region = [[Betnikh]]
|region = Betnikh
|location =
|location =
|reward = 85 {{gold}} from Lambur
|reward = 85 {{gold}} from Lambur

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Cap left.png The Bloodthorn Plot Cap right.png
Daggerfall Covenant
Journal region
85 Gold.png from Lambur
Required level
Quest objectives
  • Talk to Lambur
  • Investigate Grimfield
  • Investigate Carved Hills
  • Investigate Moriseli

The Bloodthorn Cult recently attacked Stonetooth Fortress. The Orcs repelled the attack but something was stolen. Chieftain Tazgol has mobilized the Stonetooth Clan and moved to engage the Bloodthorn Cult at Carzog's Demise. Lambur fears they're walking into a trap. I should tell her what I've found out.

— game journal