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Item infobox


{{item infobox
| name = 
| image = 
| size = 
| caption = 
| type = 
| bind = 
| race = 
| quality = 
| quest = 
| skill = 
| trait = 
| enchant = 
| slot = 
| damage = 
| armor = 
| weight = 
| value = 
| level = 
| set = 
| location = 
| sublocation = 
| zone = 
| faction = 
| ingredients = 
| upgrade = 
| previous = 
| next = 
| descr = 


Any of the parameters can be omitted. If they are omitted or left blank, they will not be displayed, except the item name which defaults to the page name.

|name =
The name of the item.
|image =
The image of the item, browse in Category:Images. It should be written without the "File:" namespace.
|size =
The size of the image, leave blank for the default size.
|caption =
Here goes the description of the item, if there's one.
|type =
The item type, like "Bow", "Light Armor", "Quest item", "Potion", etc.
|bind =
The binding of an item, like "Bind on Equip".
|race =
|quality =
The item quality.
Allowed parameters: base, fine, superior, epic, legendary, green, blue, purple, gold.
|quest =
The quest or the quests related to the item, if there's one.
|skill =
The skill improved by using/reading the item.
|trait =
The trait of the item.
|enchant =
The effects of the enchant.
|slot =
The slot/s the item goes into, like "Feet", "Hand" (for one-handed weapons), "Two Handed", "Waist", etc.
|damage =
The damage value of the weapon.
|armor =
The armor value of the armor.
|level =
The minimum level to equip the item.
|value =
The item value if sold to the merchants.
|set =
The name of the set the item belongs to.
|location =
|sublocation =
|zone =
Self explanatory.
|faction =
If the item is reserved to a faction in particular.
|ingredients =
The ingredients required to craft the item.
|upgrade =
If the item can be upgraded to a better quality, then the name of the object used for such an upgrade
|next =
|previous =
The next and previous volumes of the collection.
|descr =
This is the text of the description which appears on to the left of the infobox proper. It can be as long as you like, including line breaks and other formatting.

Looks like:

Base value

Description: Bonesplinter is a one-handed mace. Binds on equip. Grants a 16 point Damage Shield for 5 seconds. Weighted Increase weapon attack speed by 12%. This hammer was frost-forged for extra strength.