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M'aiq the Liar

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===[[Khenarthi's Roost]] (81,48)===
(2), (5), (4)
===[[Khenarthi's Roost]] (33.30)===
(1), (2), (3), (4)
'''"(1) Come no closer" said the ghost, so M'aiq did not. But she kept saying it, where ever he went.'''
'''(2) Wood Elves aren't made of wood. Sea Elves aren't made of water. M'aiq still wonders about High Elves.'''
'''(3) M'aiq tried to swim out to sea, but had to turn back. Slaughterfish. Always the slaughterfish.'''
'''(4) Come back later. We can talk some more!.'''
'''(5) A bartender told M'aiq he must wait outside until the tavern was clean/ It was only a short time, so M'aiq did not mind.'''
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