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Cap left.png Soul Shriven in Coldharbour Cap right.png
Qui escape coldharbor.png
Character creation
Journal region
Main Story
The Wailing Prison
Sealed Urn
1 Skill Point
112 Gold.png
Required level
Quest objectives


I died, but that was only the beginning...

I awoke in Oblivion. My body is intact, but my soul has been torn from my body. I must find a way out of this nightmare place to reclaim what was lost to me, or I will be damned for all eternity.

I awoke to a strange voice in some kind of prison cell. I should try to find a way out.

Search the Cell.

I've been confronted by the shade of a strange robed man. I should speak to him.

Talk to The Prophet.

A lizard-man, an Argonian, unlocked my cell and told me to escape. I should get out of my cell and see where I am.

Leave the cell.

I need to find a weapon. There are some swords on a table nearby. I should take one.

Take and Equip a Weapon.

I found a weapon in what looks like a slave workshop. I should leave the prison and find a way out of this place.

Escape the Prison

Molag Bal commands me to return to my cell. I should destroy the skeleton he's sent to capture me.

Fight the Skeletal Warrior.

I destroyed the skeleton, but there may be more ahead. I should continue to search for an escape route.

Continue through the Bleeding Forge.

Another skeleton has emerged from the ground, I should destroy it.

Fight the Skeletal Archer.

A Nord woman has entered the Bleeding Forge. I should talk to her.

Talk to Lyris.

It looks like we're going to have to fight our ways out of this place. The scaffolding in the Ashen Mines should lead us out.

Reach the Towers of Eyes.

Lyris said that the Coldharbour Sentinels are allowing Molag Bal to watch over the Wailing Prison directly. If we are to escape Coldharbour, we will need to bling him by destroying one of the Sentinels.

Optional Steps:
We've entered a new area. I should see what Lyris knows.

Destroy a Coldharbour Sentinel.

Optional Steps:
Talk to Lyris.

The sentinel is destroyed. we should make for the entrance to the Prophet's Cell.

Reach the Prophet's Cell.

The door to the Prophet's Cell is sealed. I should see if Lyris has any idea how we might get in.

Talk to Lyris.

Lyris knows someone named Cadwell who might know a way into the Prophet's Cell. We should find him and see what he knows.

Talk to Cadwell

Cadwell told us of another way into the Prophet's Cell, but it's filled with traps and creatures. We should enter the Undercroft.

Enter the Undercroft.

The Undercroft reeks of death. We should carefully make our way through and enter the Prophet's Cell.

Enter the Prophet's Cell,

We've entered the Cell. The Prophet should be in here somewhere.

Find The Prophet.

Lyris ran to some kind of altar. I should ask what she's doing.

Talk to Lyris.

Lyris has asked me to manipulate the devices on either side of the Prophet's Cell.

Disable North Anchor Pinion
Disable South Anchor Pinion

Lyris has to trade places with the Prophet in order to free him. I should wait for her to complete the exchange.

Return to Lyris and Observe the Exchange.

The Prophet is free, but Lyris is now trapped in the Cell. I should talk to the Prophet and find out what's next.

Talk to The Prophet.

The Prophet knows of a Daedric Anchor we can use to return to Tamriel. We should leave this place.

Enter the Anchor Mooring.

We've made our way to the Dark Anchor. The Prophet and I will need to reach the base of the Anchor Mooring.

Get to the Anchor Base.

Molag Bal has appeared, threatening me. The Prophet and I must fight our way through to the Mooring's base if we're to escape.

Defeat the Anchor Guardians.

Skeletons appeared at the Mooring's Base. We should defeat them in order to move on.
Hints: Defeat the skeletons.
Molag Bal appeared and summoned another guardian at the Mooring's Base. We must defeat it if we want to escape Coldharbour.
Hints: Defeat the Child of Bones.

We made it to the Anchor Mooring. I should talk to the Prophet.

Talk to The Prophet.

The Prophet said we'll need a Skyshard in order to return to Tamriel and attune my corporeal form to Nirn. I should collect the Skyshard.

Collect the Skyshard.

The Prophet has begun summoning something to lift us to the portal above. I should wait for him to complete the spell.

Wait for The Prophet

The way to Tamriel is open! I must enter the rift to escape!.

Approach the Portal.

Use Rift to Escape to Tamriel.

I've emerged from the rift in an unfamiliar place. The Prophet is nearby, but his form is indistinct and translucent. I should speak with him.

Talk to The Prophet.

— game journal

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It is possible to skip this tutorial quest. This option is offered in the character creation screen for those players who have taken one or more characters through the quest. The character who skips the quest will be given the same reward as that given on completing it.

Bug Bug:
The journal entry refers to the Ashen Mines. This subdivision was removed in the late beta phase. Bug reported.