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An Unwanted Twin
Ebonheart Pact
Quest giver
Ruvali Manothrel
Journal region
House Cousin's Cowl

153 Gold.png

Required level
Quest objectives
  • Talk to Ra-Shadda
  • Use Idol on Spirits and Kill Them: 0/5
  • Go to Ruvali's Home
  • Talk to Ruvali
  • Talk to Ulov
  • Use Altar
  • Enter the Stables
  • Talk to Ruvali
  • Use Idol un Ulov
  • Kill Ulov Stormwall
  • Talk to Ruvali

Ra-Shadda, the Khajiit shaman who summoned the monster, didn't leave the plantation. Ruvali speculates that he wanted to stay behind to watch the monster tear them apart.

Talk to Ra-Shadda
Ruvali gave me Ra-Shadda's idol. The Khajiit is the only one who might know how to deal with the monster. I must speak to him.

Use Idol on Spirits and Kill Them
Ra-Shadda believes we can banish the dro-m'Athra using the Idol of the Hollow moon. To charge it, I must use the idol on the dark spirits of the plantation, then slay them to steal their power.

Go to Ruvali's Home
I've drawn many spirits into the idol. If I can force the dro-m'Athra to possess me now, it will be destroyed.

I must return to Ra-shadda. He waits in Ruvali's House.

Talk to Ruvali
I didn't find Ra-shadda ad Ruvali's home. Ruvali is kneeling over her husband's corpse. Perhaps she's spoken to Ra-shadda. I should find out.

Talk to Ulov
I must tell Ulov to go to the stables and wait for me, as Ra-shadda suggested. We will banish the dro-m'Athra there.

Use Altar
Ra-shadda asked that I finish charging the idol at an altar south of the stables.

Enter the Stables
I've finished with the idol. I'm protected from possession. Now I need to go inside the stables and find the dro-m'Athra.

Talk to Ruvali
Ra-shadda is bound, and Ruvali is questioning him, but I don't see Ulov. I should speak with her.

Use Idol un Ulov
While I was talking to Ruvali Ulov entered the stables. It might not be him. I should use the idol on him to find out.

Kill Ulov Stormwall
The dro-m'Athra stole Ulov's body. He ran out the back of the barn. I must chase after him and slay him.

Talk to Ruvali
Ulov is dead, and the dro-m'Athra destroyed. I must return to Ruvali and Ra-shadda.

— game journal

Characters linked with this quest

  • Ruvali Manothrel
  • Ulov Stormwall
  • Ra-shadda