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Cap left.png Shadow of Sancre Tor Cap right.png
Valley of the Blades
Quest giver
The Prophet
Journal region
Main Story
Signet of Sancre Tor (a Ring)

526 Gold.png and 1 Skill Point

Required level
Followed by
Council of the Five Companions
Quest objectives


Sai Sahan has recovered from his experience in the Halls of Torment and is ready to guide me to the Amulet of Kings. He hid the artifact in Sancre Tor, an ancient Imperial catacomb.

Enter the Harborage
Varen has beckoned me to the Harborage. I should go there and speak to him.

Talk to Sai Sahan
I should talk to Sai Sahan, who can inform me more about our quest to retrieve the Amulet of Kings.

Enter Portal to Sancre Tor
We are ready to venture to Sancre Tor. I should enter Varen's portal and join Lyris Titanborn and Sai on our quest to retrieve the Amulet of Kings.

Go to Sancre Tor Inner Chamber
we must continue through Sancre Tor in order to reach the Inner Chamber.

Confron Mannimarco Mannimarco appeared once again in the Inner Chamber.

Wait for Sai to Catch His Breath
Sai has asked for me to wait for him so he can catch his breath.

Enter the Dragonguard Tomb
We must go to the Dragonguard Tomb in order to pray at the shrine.

Go to the Reman Vault
We have prayed at the first shrine. Now we must make our way to the Reman Vault and perform a similar task there.

Continue to the Vault Antechamber
We've prayed at both altars. Now we must return to the Vault Antechamber.

Enter the Vault of Kings
We have defeated the undead in the Vault Antechamber. Now we must enter the Vault of Kings and retrieve the Amulet.

Collect the Amulet of Kings
We have defeated Mannimarco and sent him screaming into Oblivion. I should retrieve the Amulet of Kings as soon as possible.

Talk to Varen
I am successful in collecting the Amulet of Kings. I should report to Varen.

— game journal


The player should bring either a healer or enough potions for the fight with Mannimarco. Although he's no enemy one should underestimate, he can be beaten rather quickly.