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Cap left.png Security Details Cap right.png
Ebonheart Pact
Quest giver
Journal region
Shell Slicer

and 247 Gold.png

Required level
Quest objectives
  • Light the Torch

The sentry captain, Ula-Reen, keeps the camp secure. She asked me to help.

Light the Torch
Ula-Reen asked me to light the watchfires at the south and east gates. I need to light the torch she gave me first, though. That campfire over there should do the trick.

Kill Spymaster Ramorgol and Recover Orders
Ula-Reen discovered that the Orcthane is setting up additional camps to the south. Spymaster Ramorgol leads these efforts and must be eliminated. One of her scouts will accompany me.

Kill Shaman Moramat and Recover Orders
Shaman Moramat is next to Ula-Reen's hit list. I need to bring her down and recover any orders she might be carrying.

— game journal