Search and Rescue

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Cap left.png Search and Rescue Cap right.png
Ebonheart Pact
Quest giver
Edrasa Drelas
Journal region
Kwama Mining Gloves

189 Gold.png from Boril Drelas

Required level
Quest objectives

Noxious fumes have leaked into Deepcrag Den, a Kwama mine. The workers fell ill and normally docile kwama became enraged.

Find Plants for Edrasa: 0/6
Edrasa Drelas asked me to gather plants so she could make a potion to counter the effects of fumes. She can use either redweed or aloe leaves.

Deliver the Plants
I gathered the ingredients Edrasa requires. I should take them to her so she can make more of the potion.

Find Boril Drelas in Deepcrag Den
Edrasa asked me to bring the potion to her husband, Boril. He went back into the mine to help his workers.

— game journal

In the mine, another quest awaits the player from Orona - Carving Cuttle.


Obviously, Boril's wife made miner Renvis poison the mine to spend more time with Boril. He thinks about sending her off to his mother's netch farm in Stonefalls to punish her.

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