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Restoration Staff is one of six combat skills in The Elder Scrolls: Online.

Passive Skills

Image Skill Name Skill Type Level Rank Description
Essence Drain.png
Passive 5
Rank 1
Final hit of a Heavy Attack heals a nearby ally for 15% of damage done.
Rank 2
Restoration Expert.png
Passive 10
Rank 1
Increases healing on allies under 30% Health by 8%.
Rank 2
Cycle of Life.png
Passive 25
Rank 1
Deals 1% damage for every 20% Health you have.
Rank 2
Passive 28
Rank 1
Blocking Spells restores X Magicka.
Rank 2
Restoration Master.png
Passive 41
Rank 1
Increases all healing done by 3%.
Rank 2

Active Skills

Image Skill Name Skill Type Level Morphes into / Skill Descriptions Skill Cost
Grand Healing.png
Active 2 Heals all allies in target area for X every 1 second for 3 seconds. 46 Magicka
Active 4 Heals two nearby wounded allies for X over 20 seconds. 28 Magicka
Blessing of Protection.png
Active 14 Heals allies in front of player for X. Affected allies gain Y Armor and Spell Resistance for 8 seconds. 49 Magicka
Steadfast Ward.png
Active 20 Creates X point damage shield for 6 seconds on the lowest Health ally in front of you. Shield strength is bolstered by up to 300%, increasing based on Health lost. 60 Magicka
Force Siphon.png
Active 38 Nearby allies gain X Health when attacking target. Player gains 100% additional Health when attacking target. 32 Magicka