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EbonheartFaction Nord.png


The Nords are one of the three races representing the Ebonheart Pact. Their homeland is Skyrim and their leader is King Jorunn.

Nord were the first human race that arrived in Tamriel. They do not have anything special except fair hair and pale skin. They are more muscular than most other races. Only orcs are larger. They have strong bodies and they are good melee warriors. Many of them live in Skyrim - land of ice, mountains and snow. Nords respect strength and they are prideful people who like glory and honor.

Racial bonuses and penalties

They are people from the north and have resistance to cold.



Image Name Level Rank Description
Two Handed Weapon Expertise.png
Rank 1
Increases XP gain with the Two Handed Weapon skill line 15% faster.
Rank 1
Increases health regen while in combat by 5%.
Rank 2
Increases health regen while in combat by 10%.
Rank 3
Increases health regen while in combat by 15%.
Resist Frost.png
Rank 1
Increases cold resistance by 10. Increases maximum health by 1%.
Rank 2
Increases cold resistance by 20. Increases maximum health by 2%.
Rank 3
Increases cold resistance by 30. Increases maximum health by 3%.
Rank 1
Increases armor by 2.
Rank 2
Increases armor by 4.
Rank 3
Increases armor by 6.

Notable Nords


After leaving Coldharbour, the player will awake in the Bleakrock Village on Bleakrock Isle.