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You can obtain your first mount/horse from a stable, which has a horse as its symbol on the map. If you have pre-ordered the Imperial Edition you will be able to buy an Imperial horse, for one gold. A low end horse will cost approximately 17,200 gold. The cost of horses greatly varies on their base attributes. Your Horse can be renamed by using the rename button located at the top right of the screen.

Pressing H in the over world will call your horse instantly and you will automatically mount it to begin riding, space will make it jump. If the horse takes sufficient damage from falling or enemies, you will also be dismounted.

Mounts must be fed every 24 hours. They can eat any of the following:

  • Apples – increases the movement speed of the mount.
  • Hay – increases the stamina of the mount, allowing it to sprint for a longer time.
  • Oats – allows your mount to carry more items. Horses don't have their own inventory but your character will receive extra inventory space.

Mounts come with three main attributes:

  • Speed – Can be increased by feeding horses apples.
    The Imperial Horse,
    with speed 35%, lvl. 25
  • Stamina – Can be increased by feeding horses hay.
  • Carrying capacity – Can be upgraded by feeding your horse oats.

Feeding your horse works off a 20 hour cool down.

Image Name Description Speed Stamina Capacity Price
Mount Bay.png
Light horse Optimized for speed, useful for short distances. 25% 10 0 42,700 Gold.png
Mount Black.png
Gaited Horse Tough horse, can't run fast, but can gallop longer, what makes him especially useful in Cirodiil. 15% 20 0 42,700 Gold.png
Mount Brown.png
Common Horse Skip this horse if you can, and save your money for more expensive one. 15% 10 0 17,200 Gold.png
Mount Piebald.png
Draft Horse Optimized for carrying capacity. 15% 10 10 42,700 Gold.png
Mount White.png
Imperial Horse In-game reward for players who bought Imperial Edition. Same characteristics as Common horse. 15% 10 0 1 Gold.png
Mount Brown2.png
? ?% ? ? ? Gold.png