Mehrunes Dagon

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Mehrunes Dagon is the daedric prince of Destruction. He delights in creating chaos, ostensibly for the sake of change, throughout Tamriel through the work of mortal agents he selects. He often destroys these agents once they are no longer useful. In the past, he has employed whole organizations, such as the Cult of the Mythic Dawn, to perpertrate widespread chaos ('change') through heinous acts such as the assassination of the last of the Septims, Uriel Septim VII. This act was calculated to help herald his physical passing into the mortal realm and to challenge the Gods.

In general, acts committed at the behest of Mehrunes Dagon by his agents are violent and bloody.

The Khajiit have "Merrunz", or Ja'Khajiit, an eternally-young god portrayed as a kitten with a natural tendency to destroy the world around him.

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