Lost Crown

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Cap left.png Lost Crown Cap right.png
Ebonheart Pact
Journal region
Lodorr's Crown (Trophy)

283 Gold.png from Lodorr

Required level
Quest objectives

In the Hall of Dead beneath Windhelm I met Malana. She plans to gain favor of King Jorunn's court by eliminating Lodorr, an ancient necromancer entombed in the Merethic Era.

Locate Lodorr's Tomb
Malana asked me to help her locate Lodorr's tomb.

Talk to Malana
Lodorr has been defeated. Malana is not celebrating.

Return to Malana
Lodorr's Crown has been recovered. I should deliver it to Malana.

— game journal


The crown now can be given to Malana, but there is something suspicious in her voice. If one decides to keep the crown, Malana will attack, but the spirit of Lodorr, who'll appear afterwards and reward the player, will state, that Malana planned to betray the player from the start.

There is also another quest in the Hall of the Dead called On a Dare.