Honor Bound

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Ebonheart Pact
Journal region
Muth Gaar
Required level
Quest objectives

The monastery of Muth Gaar was attacked by the Vereansu, a violent tribe of Ashlanders. The peaceful monks were caring for the afflicted using an ancient relic called the Tear of the Saint Veloth when the Ashlanders attacked.

Talk to Healer Senar
I should speak to Healer Senar and learn more about the situation at Muth Gnaar.

Find Doril Belvayn
I need to search Muth Gnaar to find Doril Belvayn. Between the Ashlanders and the plague husks, his recklesssness is going to get him hurt of killed.

Rescue Afflicted Commoners and Monks: 0/5
The Ashlanders captured monks and afflicted commoners, tied them up and tossed them inside burning buildings. I need to rescue them before the fire consumes them.

— game journal