Halls of Torment

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Cap left.png Halls of Torment Cap right.png
Ebonheart Pact
Quest giver
The Prophet
Journal region
Jewel of the Duchess

446 Gold.png and 1 Skill Point from Sai Sahan

Required level
Quest objectives

Choose either Lyris Titanborn or Abnur Tharn as a follower.


Varen and Abnur Tharn have found the location of Sai Sahan within the Halls of Torment. I am to venture into these halls and save the final, missing companion.

Talk t your companion
I defeated the shade of Abnur Tharn, but Sai was swallowed into the dark void. I should talk to my companion to see what our next move is.

Defeat the Lyris Doppelganger
I've removed the shield around the shade of Lyris. Now I should defeat her before I can get to Sai.

Return to the Harborage
After speaking with Sai, The Prophet appeared and opened a portal to the Harborage. I should return to the Harborage and check in with the Prophet.

— game journal