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Cap left.png Glolor Cap right.png
Location Khenarthi's Roost
Aldmeri Dominion

Glolor is found in Mistral. He is in a group with Matbia and Theg gra-Nar. They are out of work mercenaries.


Theg gra-Nar: I'm thirsty. Let's find the inn.
Matbia: They kicked us out, remember?
Theg gra-Nar: No. When?
Glolor: Ha! Of course you don't remember! You were on your sixth flagon of Plum Brandy!
Theg gra-Nar: Six? That seems low.
Matbia: Theg, this was after three drams of White-Eye and a flagon pf Moon=Sugar Double. You're lucky to be alive.
Theg gra-Nar: Hmmm. I forgot. They mix brews with moon sugar, here.
Matbia: Yes, and in most Khajiiti ports. Now, let's think of a way out of this mress, shall we?
Marbia: Perhaps we should ask the local government? They well need help rebuilding after that gale, no?
Glolor: I'm not too keen on that. A little town like this won't be able to pay up front. We're leaving on the next boat we can get, right?
Theg gra-Nar: You have a better idea? Spit it out.
Glolor: Hey, ideas aren't my strong suit! I'm just saying. Look at this place. Do they look like they can afford us?
Theg gra-Nar: You have a point, Matbia, what else?
Matbia: Let's ask around. I'm sure something will come up.
Glolor: Ha! What gave you that idea?
          Seriously, keep it down about that! I deserted, remember?
Theg gra-Nar: Ha! Coward.
Glolor: You weren't there! You would have fled too, if you'd seen what they asked us to do!
Matbia: Both of you, calm down! Glolor. Do they?
Glolor: I don't know, sometimes? They have a lot of gold. When they hire mercenaries it's to fight someone they can't be bothered with or to chop an enemy down to size. If there's anything left you're paid well. If there isn't....