Fighting Back

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Cap left.png Fighting Back Cap right.png
Unwanted Guests
Ebonheart Pact
Quest giver
Varon Davel
Journal region
173 Gold.png
Required level
Followed by
Ratting Them Out
Quest objectives
  • Find Slips-Through-Fingers
  • Search the Dropped Pack
  • Look for the Star
  • Follow Star to the Secret Meeting
  • Talk to Slips-Through-Fingers
  • Talk to Madras
  • Inform the Guard

Minister Ralden and Giron are missing. Advisor Varon believes that Giron is working with the Maulborn and has abducted Ralden.

Find Slips-Through-Fingers
Advisor Varon suggested I seek the assistance of a group of villagers who decided to find the missing people on their own. Slips-Through-Fingers, an Argonian, is apparently connected to the group.

Search the Dropped Pack
Slips-Through-Fingers dropped her pack and suggested there was something inside that would lead me to a secret meeting place.

Look for the Star
Slips-Through-Fingers claims to know where the missing villagers are. A note in her pack suggests that to find her, I need to follow the Star. I should keep my eyes open.

Follow Star to the Secret Meeting
A cat named Star is supposed to lead me to the secret meeting place. I need to follow the cat and see where she takes me.

Talk to Slips-Through-Fingers
I discovered a group of villagers meeting in secret on the lower level of a locked building. One of the is Slips-Through-Fingers. I should speak to her and find out what's going on.

Talk to Madras
I've been asked to help Slips-Through-Fingers and her friends. They want to rescue the abducted villagers, but they aren't soldiers. They have no idea what they're in for.

— game journal

Here Madras ask you a choice: Helping them fighting the guards to get out of Narsis to find his people, or proposing to do it by yourself because they would get killed.

If you help them fighting the guards... [...]

If you propose to do it by yourself he will refuse your help:

Inform the Guard
I've decided not to aid Madras. He's just going to get his people killed. I should tell one of the guards about this before Madras and his group do something foolish.

— game journal


The cat Star carries the key to enter into the building where the secret meeting is taking place: Key to Secret Meeting.

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