Dark Knowledge

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Cap left.png Dark Knowledge Cap right.png
Aldmeri Dominion
Quest giver
Journal region
Khenarthi's Roost
Inducer's Scalpel
85 Gold.png
Required level
Quest objectives

The quest can be acquired by talking to Cartirinque, a spirit. She appears in four locations, Temple of the Crescent Moons (53,69), and at other locations where the three books may spawn. These locations are (37,50), (40,77), (56,60), (58,73), (66,48) approximately, although there may be other spawn sites.


Talk to Cartirinque.

A spirit named Cartirinque warned me of dark knowledge sealed in three forbidden tomes. She asked me to find all three and destroy them in a shrine on Khenarti's Roost.

I need to locate the three forbidden tomes before someone less capable stumbles upon them.

Collect Masterwork of the Inducer
Collect Ritual of Resonance
Collect Journal of Bravam Lythandas.

I have all three forbidden tomes. I should search for the shrine Cartirinque mentioned when she first appeared.

Find the Ruined Shrine.

I should investigate the ancient shrine and see what must be done to destroy the books.

Search the Shrine

Sahira-Daro, a Khajiit seeking the forbidden tomes, says Cartirinque is a spirit sent to test mortals. I should speak with the spirit and learn the truth.

Talk to Cartirinque

I must decide whether to believe Cartirinque or Sahira-Daro.

1. Give the tomes to Sahira-Daro —— a confirmatory dialogue with a cancel option
After she offered to pay me for the forbidden tomes, I gave them to Sahira-Daro. I should see what she has to offer.
Talk to Sahira-Daro. —— The quest reward is offered.
2. Burn the Tomes in the Shrine's Brazier. —— a series of confirmatory dialogues with cancel options
I destroyed the tome as Cartirinque asked. I should speak with her and see if there is anything to be done.
Talk to Cartirinque. —— The quest reward is offered.

— game journal

  • If you give Sahira-Daro the books, she examines them and is pulled into an orange portal.

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