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The Crafting system in The Elder Scrolls: Online will be based on the main elements of the crafting system in Skyrim. In addition to base ingredients, players will be able to introduce additives to their creations. Each of these additives will have four random properties which will allow for experimentation.

Crafting will be divided into six areas, each with its own experts and areas of expertise:

  • Blacksmithing - for heavy armor and weapons and refining ore into ingots
  • Woodworking - for the creation of staves and bows
  • Clothing - sewing light and medium armor, refining raw jute and hides
  • Enchanting - for magical enhancement of the players equipment
  • Alchemy - for the creation of useful potions from the plants in the world
  • Provisioning - allows to create food, that are helpful in restoring health, magicka, stamina and give temporary bonus to these previously mentioned stats.

Racial Styles

Each race in the game comes with a unique armor and weapon appearance. This not only affects high level items, but every armor or weapon, which can be crafted in the game has it's own distinctive racial style. Depending on the race a player has, he will only be able to craft in this racial style, until he discovers other styles. It's necessary to explore the world to find special books and recipes concerning that matter.

Crafting Skills

These can be found in the skills tab, among the class, weapon and armor skills. There aren't special crafting points. To learn crafting skills, one must spend skill points. Note: The player shouldn't be too wasteful in spending too many points right away just into crafting, else these skill points will be missing for combat skills and lower the performance in combat!

How to

Like in other RPGs, who rely a lot on crafting, one must of course collect the ingredients and materials first. It's recommended to collect as much as can be found during exploration. Even if one doesn't like to follow a certain skill branch, the collected resources also tend to be good for trading with other players. The player has a practical built in pick axe and an axe for gathering material in the wild, so no worries, that these must be aquired first or could take extra space in the inventory. (Note: Not sure if that will also apply to the game after BETA.)

When enough material is collected, the player must find an appropriate crafting station. Usually, there should be everyting available for any profession in the larger settlements. A blacksmith of course needs an anvil and a forge, while Alchemists need a laboratory. For Enchanters, there is a special Enchanter's table and Provisioners need a fire or campfire to prepare a meal. To use the crafting station, the player must press E key.png and the interface will open.

Experimenting with materials

Crafting Interface

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