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Clothmaking is the art of creating useful light and medium armor. The Taylor collects raw jute and hides to refine them into finer material.

The tailoring profession comes with the following 5 tabs:
  • Refine – refine raw jute to jute or improve gathered hide
  • Creation – craft light or medium armor
  • Deconstruct – destroys the existing light or medium armor, but extracts crafting ingredients in that process. Warning: During crafting, the player still has access to the items inside the bank account. One should be careful about what is deconstructed.
  • Improvement – with reagents, one can upgrade light or medium armor from normal to legendary. Normal to Fine requires 5 reagents with a 20% chance. Fine to Superior requires 7 reagents (15% per reagent), Superior to Epic 10% and Epic to Legendary just 5%.
  • Research – learn the traits of light or medium armor, this feature is similar to deconstruct and has a 6 hour cool down.
Image Ability Rank Effect
1/9 Allows the use of Jute and Hide
Keen Eye.png
1/3 Fibrous plants in the world will be easier to see when you are 20 meters or closer.
Outfitter Hireling.png
1/3 An outfitter hireling will send you cloth or leather and possibly other items every day.
1/3 Improves the chances of extracting Clothing ingredients.
1/3 Reduces research time by 5% and allows the research of two items at once.
Tannin Expertise.png
1/3 Increases the chance of improving items with tannins.


Image Base material Image Refined material End product Category
Daedra Hide Scraps.png
Daedra Hide.png
Heavy Armor
Fell Hide Scraps.png
Fell Hide.png
Full-Leather Armor Heavy Armor
Hide Scraps.png
Heavy Armor
Iron Hide Scraps.png
Iron Hide.png
Heavy Armor
Light Armor
Leather Scraps.png
Hide Armor Heavy Armor
Raw Cotton.png
Cotton Armor Light Armor
Raw Ebonthread.png
Ebonthread Armor Light Armor
Raw Famin.png
Light Armor
Raw Flax.png
Linen Armor Light Armor
Raw Jute.png
Homespun Armor Light Armor
Raw Spidersilk.png
Spidersilk Armor Light Armor
Hide Scraps.png
Halfhide Armor Heavy Armor
Saints Hair.png
Light Armor
Scaled Hide Scraps.png
Scaled Hide.png
Heavy Armor
Thick Leather Scraps.png
Thick Leather.png
Leather Armor Heavy Armor
Hide Scraps.png
Topgrain Hide.png
Heavy Armor
Void Bloom.png
Void Cloth.png
Light Armor


Image Name Description
Can be used on any armor to improve the quality from "Base" to "Fine"
Can be used on any armor to improve the quality from "Fine" to "Superior"
Nord Lining.png
Can be used on any armor to improve the quality from "Superior" to "Epic"
Dreugh Wax.png
Can be used on any armor to improve the quality from "Epic" to "Legendary"
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