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Blacksmithing is a profession, which allows the creation of heavy armor and weapons and their improvement. Typically, blacksmiths needs a forge and an anvil for their work. Crafting stations can be found in almost every larger settlement. The player should explore the area for useful material. To start refining iron ore, one needs 10 chunks of ore.

The blacksmithing profession comes with 5 tabs:
  • Refine – melt ore into ingots and use them later in the crafting process
  • Creation – craft weapons and heavy armor
  • Deconstruct – destroys the existing heavy armor or weapon, but extracts crafting ingredients in that process.
    Warning: During crafting, the player has also access to the items stored inside of the bank account!
  • Improvement – with reagents, one can upgrade weapons and armor from normal to legendary. Normal to Fine requires 5 reagents with a 20% chance. Fine to Superior requires 7 reagents (15% per reagent), Superior to Epic 10% and Epic to Legendary just 5%.
  • Research – learn the traits of a weapons or heavy armor, this feature is similar to deconstruct and has a 6 hour cool down.
Refining ore into ingots Weapon creation

Available skills[]

Image Ability Level Rank Effect
Metal Working
Rank 1
Allows the use of Iron ingots
Rank 2
Allows the use of Steel ingots
Rank 3
Allows the use of Orichalc ingots
Rank 4
Allows the use of Dwarven ingots
Rank 5
Allows the use of Ebony ingots
Rank 6
Allows the use of Calcinium ingots
Rank 7
Allows the use of Galatite ingots
Rank 8
Allows the use of Moonstone ingots
Rank 9
Allows the use of Voidstone ingots
Keen Eye
Rank 1
Ore in the world will be easier to see when you are 20 meters or closer.
Rank 2
Ore in the world will be easier to see when you are 30 meters or closer.
Rank 3
Ore in the world will be easier to see when you are 40 meters or closer.
Miner Hireling
Rank 1
A miner hireling will send you ore and possibly other items every day.
Rank 2
A miner hireling will send you more ore and possibly better items every day.
Rank 3
A miner hireling will send you even more ore and possibly even better items twice a day!
Metal Extraction
Rank 1
Improves the chances of extracting Blacksmithing ingredients.
Rank 2
Greatly improves the chances of extracting Blacksmithing ingredients.
Rank 3
Maximizes the chances of extracting Blacksmithing ingredients.
Rank 1
Reduces research time by 5% and allows the research of two items at once.
Rank 2
Reduces research time by 10% and allows the research of two items at once.
Rank 3
Reduces research time by 20% and allows the research of three items at once.
Temper Expertise
Rank 1
Increases the chance of improving items with tempers.
Rank 2
Greatly increases the chances of improving items with tempers.
Rank 3
More than doubles the chances of improving items with tempers.

The basic ore the player will find, is iron ore, but as the game proceeds and with the leveling of the character, other ore types can be found.
Note: The Metalworking skill is necessary to use ingots from new ore types.
Keen Eye is another useful skill, if one intends to craft a lot. This skill helps to find ore much faster/easier.
To progress in this profession, it is advised to collect a huge batch of ore.

Ingredients for racial styles[]

Each item has 14 different styles, but by default the player only knows his/her own, specific racial style at the beginning of the game and must learn the other styles. There are special Racial Motifs, the player can find during the game. Mostly these can be found while exploring the country, a good source maybe is also the book shelves in the numerous homes.

Image Name Racial style Cost
Altmer 21 Gold
Primal 21 Gold
Bosmer 21 Gold
Barbaric 21 Gold
Nord 21 Gold
Daedric 21 Gold
Argonian 21 Gold
Ancient Elf 21 Gold
Orc 21 Gold
Breton 21 Gold
Khajiit 21 Gold
Imperial ? Gold
Dunmer 21 Gold
Redguard 21 Gold



Image Name Used in
Iron Ore
Iron Ingots
High Iron Ore
Steel Ingots
Orichalc Ore
Orichalc Ingots
Dwarven Ore
Dwarven Ingots
Ebony Ore
Ebony Ingots
Calcinium Ore
Calcinium Ingots
Galatite Ore
Galatite Ingots
Moonstone Ore
Moonstone Ingots
Voidstone Ore
Voidstone Ingots


Image Name Needed Material Level
Iron Ingot
10 x Iron ore 1-15
Steel Ingot
10 x High Iron ore 16-25
Orichalc Ingot
10 x Orichalcum ore 26-35
Dwarven Ingot
10 x Dwarven ore 36-45
Ebony Ingot
10 x Ebony ore 46-50
Calcinium Ingot
10 x Calcinium ore Veteran 1-3
Galatite Ingot
10 x Galatite ore Veteran 4-6
Moonstone Ingot
10 x Moonstone ore Veteran 7-8
Voidstone Ingot
10 x Voidstone ore Veteran 9


Image Name Description
Honing Stone
Improve quality from Base to Fine
Dwarven Oil
Improve quality from Fine to Superior
Grain Solvent
Improve quality from Superior to Epic
Tempering Alloy
Improve quality from Epic to Legendary

Armor Parts[]

Heavy Armor Material
Image Part Min Max
[[file:|center]] Helm 5 13
[[file:|center]] Pauldron 5 13
[[file:|center]] Cuirass 7 15
[[file:|center]] Gauntlets 5 13
[[file:|center]] Girdle 5 13
[[file:|center]] Greaves 5 13
[[file:|center]] Sabatons 5 13


Melee Weapons Material
Image Part Min Max
[[file:|center]] Axe 3 11
[[file:|center]] Hammer 3 11
[[file:|center]] Sword 5 13
[[file:|center]] Battle Axe 5 13
[[file:|center]] Maul 5 13
[[file:|center]] Greatsword 5 13
[[file:|center]] Dagger 5 13