Beneath the Stone

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Cap left.png Beneath the Stone Cap right.png
Ebonheart Pact
Quest giver
Vigrod Wraithbane
Journal region
The Rift
Companion's Chausses

and 255 Gold.png

Required level
Followed by
Quest objectives

I've travelled to Shor's Stone, which is under attack by Reachmen. The Companions and the Pact military have marshaled a defense.

Talk to Ree-Zish
Companion leader Vigrod Wraithbane is offering aid to the Pact at Shor's Stone. He's asked me to work with the Argonian, Ree-Zish to break into the Shor's Stone mine.

Imbue Effigy of Life and Effigy of Death
Ree-Zish asked that I channel the corrupted magicka into the effigies. That should lower the energy shield around the mine.

— game journal