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Cap left.png An Unwanted Twin Cap right.png
Ebonheart Pact
Quest giver
Feldsii Maren
Journal region
191 Gold.png
Required level
Followed by
Shattering Mirror
Quest objectives
  • Find Ulov
  • Open the Trapdoor
  • Kill the Soldier's Double
  • Chase the Creature
  • Talk to Ruvali
  • Collect the Idol from Ruvali's Bedroom
    Optional: Talk to Ulov
  • Return to Ruvali
  • Use the Idol on Tiril's Double
  • Follow Tiril
  • Kill Tiril's Double
  • Chase the Creature
  • Talk to Ulov
  • Talk to Ruvali

A frightened soldier on the road told me about a slave revolt at Sathram Plantation. Ulov Stormwall led troops to the plantation, intending to suppress the revolt. Mysterious circumstances induced him to turn his blade on his own troops.

Find Ulov
I must find Ulov Stormwall to learn why he massacrated his troops. Feldsii said he was just up the road from where I met her.

Open the Trapdoor
Ulov claims a monster is killing people and copying their bodies. He trapped it inside the cellar of the Sathram Plantation stables. I should investigate.

Kill the Soldier's Double
I've made my way into the cellar. Ulov said the creature however it looks now, should be here. Hint: If Ulov is correct, the moster killed the soldier whose body it copied. I should look in the cellar for the original body.

Chase the Creature
After slaying the soldier's double, a gruesome shape rose from the corpse and fled into the stables. I should chase after it before it finds a new body.

Talk to Ruvali
There's a woman standing in the entryway of the stables. I should speak to her. If she can't speak, I'll know the creature has found a new body.

Collect the Idol from Ruvali's Bedroom
Optional Steps: I should let Ulov know I've witnessed the creature he described.
The Khajiiti idol Ruvali used to frighten the creature is in the bedroom of her house. The only house is on the plantation is to the west. I need to fetch that totem.

Return to Ruvali
I found the totem. I must return to Ruvali. I also found her husband corpse.

Use the Idol on Tiril's Double
I must prove to Ruvali that the creature before us is the monster, not her husband.

Follow Tiril
Tiril's double ran off. I must follow it.

Kill Tiril's Double
I must kill Tiril's double.

Chase the Creature
The creature fled again. I must chase it before it copies Ruvali.

Talk to Ulov
Ulov is standing near the trapdoor in Ruvali's house. I should ask him if he's seen Ruvali.

Talk to Ruvali
I must find Ruvali and see if the creature has copied her.

— game journal