Alik'r Desert

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Cap left.png Alik'r Desert Cap right.png
Map Alikr Desert.png
Map of the Alik'r Desert
Alik'r Desert
Daggerfall Covenant

The Alik'r Desert belongs to the Redguards of Hammerfell, part of the Daggerfall Covenant. Zenimax has stated in a Q&A "The Alik’r Desert has a vibrant ecology, from small critters like lizards up to apex predators such as dunerippers and giant scorpions. And nearly everything in it is either venomous or carnivorous. You won’t be bored – because if you let your guard down, you’ll be dead."

Skyshard locations

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There are 16 skyshards scattered around the Alik'r Desert. With special thanks to Garkin, who created the SkyShards v0.7 add-on!