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Alchemy is a profession, which allows the player to create useful potions, which improve player stats temporarily. Like in the game Skyrim, the player must research the found plants and find out which effects they can reveal. Each plant, has four traits.

Available Skills

Ability Rank Effect
Solvent Proficiency 1/6 Allows the Alchemist to use Natural Water to make Level 3 Potions and Clear Water to make Level 10 Potions.
Keen Eye: Reagents 1/3 Reagents in the world will be easier to see when you are 20 meters or closer.
Medicinal Use 1/3 When using potions, resulting effects last 10% longer.
Chemistry 1/3 Produces 1 extra potion per crafting attempt.
Laboratory Use 1/3 Allows the use of up to 3 reagents when mixing Potions.


Image Name Level Value Trait 1 Trait 2 Trait 3 Trait 4
Luminousrussala.png Luminous Russula 1 2
Mountainflower.png Mountain Flower 1 2
Wormwood.png Wormwood 1 2
Bugloss.png Bugloss 1 2
Blueentoloma.png Blue Entoloma
Dragonthorn.png Dragonthorn
Cornflower.png Cornflower
Columbine.png Columbine
Blessedthistle.png Blessed Thistle
Ladyssmock.png Lady Smock
Stinkhorn.png Stinkhorn