A beginning at Bleakrock

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Cap left.png A beginning at Bleakrock Cap right.png
Ebonheart Pact
Quest giver
Captain Rana
Journal region
Bleakrock Village
85 Gold.png ? from Darj
Required level
Followed by
What lies Beneath
Quest objectives

I've awoken on an island off the coast of Skyrim in a village called Bleakrock. The outpost offers early warnings of attacks on the shore.

Mathor asked me to speak to Captain Rana, the Pact commander stationed on Bleakrock Isle. I'll find her in her office off the central square.

— game journal


Now the player first has to travel to Bleakrock Isle after the awakening in Davon's Watch. This quest has changed a little compared with the version in the Beta. Mathor is still on the upper level in Captain Rana's Office, but the quest starts with Captain Rana, who sends the player out to find Darj the Hunter somewhere on the island.