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Cap left.png A Hostile Situation Cap right.png
Ensuring Security
Aldmeri Dominion
Quest giver
Watchman Heldil
Journal region
Vulkhel Guard
Queensguard Greaves

85 Gold.png

Required level
Followed by
To Tanzelwil
Quest objectives

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Dialogue with Watchman Heldil

I have to admit: I'm impressed. Cool like the scales of Auri-El, you are.
Good luck with the Captain.

Do you know where I can find her?
She sent word: she's moved to protect the Queen. That'll be at the manor house.
Stars guide your steps, now.
I'll find her there.

At the request of the captain of the Vulkhel Watch, I've been running errands all over Auridon's port city. I even helped a watchman deal with a cornered man[sic], who claimed that the Captain has been co-opted by a group called the Veiled Inheritance.

I need to discover if Fasion's claims are true. I should confront the Captain near the manor house.

  • Find the Captain

— game journal


I've found Watch Captain Astanya. Time to get to the bottom of this.

  • Talk to Watch Captain Astanya

— game journal

Dialogue with Watch Captain Astanya

Ah, my errand-runner. So good to see you again.

Yes, I want to ask you about -
Stop right there. On my authority as Captain you're under arrest, Under suspicion of conspiracy to regicide!
What are you talking about?
What's that in your pack? Deployment plans for the marines at the temple. And do I smell the taint of poison one the air? These are the tools of an assassin!
It's no use arguing, scum. Not another word out of you.

  • Watch Captain Astanya stuns you and you awaken in a cell.


That didn't go well. I've come to in a jail cell, with a Khajiit standing outside my cell. I should speak with him.

  • Talk to the Khajiit

— game journal

Dialogue with Razum-dar

Raz must admit. Even he did not think we'd be seeing each other again so soon. How are you, my friend?

Terrible. Raz, what are you doing here?
He is here to help, as always! You may have noticed your new friend Fasion lies dead on the ground behind you. Raz knew Fasion well. As he thought he did Astanya.
What happened to him?
The Captain happened. Fasion and Raz worked together, as agents of the Queen. Fasion was not willing to give up secrets. And so Fasion is dead.
You going to let me out of here?
You will soon be free. But as on the island, Raz must ask your aid. You must warn the Queen, and her Battlereeve. The Captain will attempt to murder the Queen at the temple.
Just tell me what to do.
You must get past the Captain's men. Seek out another of our lady's agents, Eshaba. She stands watch in the marketplace, peddling her wares.
Ask her for a souvenir of the First Marines, and she will set you on your path.

Razum-dar: Now, out of here! Save the Queen.
Razum-dar: Wake up, new friend. Wake up!


Razum-dar indicated I'll need to slip past the manor guards in order to get close to the Queen.
He said I can speak to one of his connections, Eshaba, in the Marketplace and ask her about a souvenir of the First Auridon Marines.

  • Get Past the Manor Guards

Optional Steps:

  • Raz may have more information on the situation at hand

  • Talk to Razum-dar

— game journal

Dialogue with Razum-dar

This one imagines you may have some questions. What can Raz tell you?

How did you find me?
You have this one's apologies. He was looking for Fasion. It was a happy accident, for us both, that you could be saved.
You escape the cell. And Razum-dar's new plan to warn the Queen moves forward.
Why can't you warn the Queen?
It is somewhat embarrassing, but… this one's face is known to some of the royal court. If Razum-dar were to approach, they would know something is amiss.
You, a new face in a Marine's uniform. They would suspect nothing.
That makes sense.
Is there anything else this one can convey?
(A} So you work for the Queen?
Yes. As did Fasion: he told you true. We are the Eyes of the Queen. We are few, and we stick in the shadows. But we have the honor of being the Queen's most trusted agents.
What about the First Auridon Marines?
(B} The Battlereeve is fiercely loyal. He believes his marines are immune to manipulation. Like newly forged steel blades. But Razum-dar knows, better than most, how quickly stains can set in.
Can you tell me anything else about the Veiled Inheritance? Go to (D}
Why didn't you tell me this before? Go to (C}
Why didn't you tell me this before?
(C} Do you go around admitting your dark secrets to strangers? Raz knows you know how to keep a secret. This one's service to the Queen is an honor and a privilege. But not something he brags about in island bars.
If the Eyes are the most trusted agents of the Queen, what about the Marines? Go to (B}
Can you tell me anything else about the Veiled Inheritance? Go to (D}
Can you tell me anything else about the Veiled Inheritance?
(D} They don't think we need the Dominion to survive. They think the Queen is making a mistake, "elevating" the Bosmer and Khajiit to be equals with the High Elves. Racists. Isolationists. And general idiots.
So you work for the Queen? Go to (A}

  • You need to talk to Eshaba in the market place. Your Journal does not specifically say that as a task.

Dialogue with Eshaba

Eshaba has about anything you could want. So. What can she get you?

I'm looking or something very specific.
Is that so? Don't be shy. What do you need?
What I need is a souvenir of the First Auridon Marines.
Ahh. Yes. Eshaba has that. The perfect thing to suit your needs!
But re you certain? This souvenir comes with certain expectations.
Yes, I know what it entails.
A wise purchase, then. Very beneficial.
Please take it from the chest, here. Just behind me. If you see our mutual friend again, be sure to give him this one's best.
Store (Merchant) See NPC's page
Store (Merchant) See NPC's page
Store (Merchant) See NPC's page
Store (Merchant) See NPC's page

    • "Task Completed: Talk to Eshaba in the Marketplace"
  • Interact with the Merchant Chest immediately behind Eshaba - you get a Vulkhel Guard Marine Disguise in the Armor section of your Inventory.
    • "Task Completed: Get the Disguise from the Merchant's Chest"


I've made it into the Temple district. I need to seek out Battlereeve Urcelmo and the Queen, and report what I've learned.

  • Talk to Battlereeve Urcelmo Near the Temple

— game journal

Dialogue with Battlereeve Urcelmo

Explain yourself. What are you doing here?

Keep your voice down, Battlereeve. Razum-dar sent me.
Razum-dar. Yes, I know the name. You haven't answered my question, though.
There's a plot brewing to kill the Queen, Battlereeve.
Hmph. We've taken every precaution; the whole area is locked down. Watch Captain Astanya assured me.
The Captain is the one behind this. She's planning an ambush in the Temple.
The Guard Captain? Absurd.


I should allow Battlereeve Urcelmo and Queen Ayrenn to consult.

  • Allow Urcelmo and Ayrenn to Consult

— game journal

Queen Ayrenn: A moment, Urcelmo. I would hear what this one has to say.
Battlereeve Urcelmo: Queen Ayrenn, I fear for your safety. Please disregard what was said just -
Queen Ayrenn: Razum-dar was mentioned. He acts on my behalf. If you won't investigate, I will.
Battlereeve Urcelmo: Apologies, my queen. As you will.
Battlereeve Urcelmo: You are a capable woman but you must be wary.
Battlereeve Urcelmo: You, come with me. We'll investigate the temple together.



  • Enter the Temple

— game journal


The Battlereeve has ordered me to follow him. Time to head into the temple.

  • Examine the Temple

— game journal

Battlereeve Urcelmo: Mara be merciful. What's happened here?
Steward Eminwe: You. I'm sorry.... I was wrong. I tried to stop them.
Steward Eminwe: Watch out. On the balcony. It's Astanya!
Steward Eminwe: It's a trap!
Watch Captain Astanya: Urcelmo! I see you've met my latest toy.
Battlereeve Urcelmo: Astanya. Traitor! Come own here and face me!
Watch Captain Astanya: Our "Queen" has betrayed us. I wanted her head. I'll settle for yours!
Watch Captain Astanya: Kill them!


That's it! if I can foil Astanya's plan and take her out, that should keep the Queen safe for another day.

  • Defeat the Assassins

— game journal

Battlereeve Urcelmo: So be it, Astanya.

Watch Captain Astanya: It's not over yet, Battlereeve!
Watch Captain Astanya: The Dominion won't last. The Veiled Inheritance will see to that!
Battlereeve Urcelmo: The Dominion will last long after your corpse cools! Now come down here and face your death!

Watch Captain Astanya: Incompetents! I'll have to take care of you myself.

  • Kill Watch Captain Astanya

Battlereeve Urcelmo: We need to report back to the Queen. Let's get out of here.


Time to report back to Queen Ayrenn.

  • Talk to Queen Ayrenn

— game journal

Dialogue with Queen Ayrenn

Well? What did my protectors find?

The plot was real. We fought Astanya and her assassins, and won.
Astanya. I can't believe it. No doubt Urcelmo will triple his watch.
She was truly an agent of the Veiled Inheritance?
Yes, my Queen. She said you had betrayed us.
Betrayal? She turns against her people, after years of service? And she spoke of my betrayal?
She, obviously, could not be trusted. But you have proven your worth.
What do you mean?
The marines are blunt instruments. A queen must have a lighter touch. You've met razum-dar, first in the Eyes of the Queen.
Would you join him? Become an elite agent, for the good of the Dominion?
I will. I accept your offer, my Queen.
(A} Excellent! By what power I hold, I name you an agent in my employ. You are now an Eye of the Queen, bonded to my service.
Auri-El keep you safe. And Xarxes guard your words.
Complete Quest.
—— Starts To Tanzelwil dialogue here.
Never mind.'
  • If take the choice "Never mind."


I need to give my answer to the Queen about her generous offer.

  • Talk to Queen Ayrenn

— game journal

Well? What's your answer? I hope the bodyguards aren't throwing you off. I know they're a little much.

I accept. Go to (A} above