A Favor Returned

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Ebonheart Pact
Journal region
Required level
Followed by
The Mournhold Underground
Quest objectives
  • Talk to Registrar Riivel

I arrived in Mournhold, the capital city of the Ebonheart Pact. As the seat of Dunmer power, it is home to the Tribunal Temple. Due to recent events, the city is bustling with visitors.

Talk to Registrar Riivel
The officious Dark Elves seem even more anxious than usual. They want all the visitors to register at the City Center. I need to talk to Registrar Riivel there.

Poison the House Dres Wine
Naryu Virian thinks that House Dres has a connection to the Maulborn. She wants to gain access to the Dres farm outside the city. We need to get a key from a the Dres courier named Thauravil. The first step is to slip a sleeping potion into a bottle of wine.

Talk to Naryu Virian
I slipped the sleeping poison into the wine meant for Courier Thauravil. I should let Naryu know it's been done.

— game journal

At this point, the player must follow the Courier through Mournhold. One should be careful and not follow him too closely, since Thauravil sometimes suspiciously turns around. In a hidden place he'll take a sip from the bottle and the key can be stolen.

Investigate the Dres Farmhouse I should search these farmhouses for clues as to where I can find the Maulborn and what they're up to.

— game journal

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